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WooCommerce Currency Switcher x2.2.6 – WordPress Plugin

Free Download WooCommerce Currency Switcher Nulled.

This is the latest version which has updated on 2018-10-26 at CodeCanyon and developed by realmag777. Now you can Download WooCommerce Currency Switcher from the downloads list below, Or generate a new download link.


WOOCS – WooCommerce Currency Switcher – is a WordPress plugin for WooCommerce store that allows to switch products prices, get their rates converted in the real time and allows your customers pay in their selected currency or only in basic currency of your store! Ideal solution to make an online store in multiple currencies!



  • Price format. Set price format which fit your needs: decimals count, sign, custom sign, sign position (4 variants)
  • Decimals count. For each currency set its own decimals count after comma, so BTC is not the problem with this plugin
  • Cents. Show or hide cents for each currency optionally
  • Custom currency signs. Add your own money signs (which even not exists) and use them
  • Possibility to use any currency, EVEN custom currency which doesn’t exists in the reality
  • Individual fixed prices rules for each product and for each currencies
  • Fixed minimum amount for all currencies for FREE delivery for each currency
  • Fixed minimum amount for all currencies for shipping for each currency
  • Fixed amount for coupons for all currencies for each currency
  • Fixed minimum and maximum coupon for all currencies verification amount for each currency


  • Welcome currency. In which currency show prices for first visit of your customer on your site
  • Show approx. amount. Show approximate amount on the checkout and the cart page with currency of user defined by IP in the GEO IP rules tab. Works only with currencies rates data and NOT with fixed prices rules and geo rules.
  • Checkout by GEO IP rules Force the customers to pay on checkout page by rules defined in ‘GEO IP rules’ tab. ATTENTION: this feature has logical sense if you enabled ‘Enable fixed pricing’ and also installed fixed prices rules in the products for different currencies!
  • Individual fixed amount for coupon for all currencies You will be able to set FIXED amount for coupon for each currency. ATTENTION: ‘Is multiple allowed’ should be enabled!
  • Individual fixed amount for shipping for all currencies You will be able to set FIXED amount for each currency for free shipping and all another shipping ways. ATTENTION: ‘Is multiple allowed’ should be enabled!
  • Individual GEO IP rules for each product for all currencies You will be able to set different prices for each product (in BASIC currency) for different countries


  • Individual GeoIP rules for each product
  • GeoLocation functionality by IP using WooCommerce native PHP class WC_Geolocation which allows to detect new site visitor native currency
  • GeoLocation functionality allows to set different prices to different countries!!
  • GeoLocation functionality allows Approximate price/amount in the user native currency (optionally)
  • GeoLocation functionality allows to checkout by GeoIP rules – if in geo rules selected currency for any country – user will pay only in that currency on checkout


  • Ability to add new orders by hands in any currency!
  • No GET data in link – Switches currency without GET properties (?currency=USD) in the link
  • Ability to set order of currencies through admin panel by mouse
  • Native WooCommerce PayPal gate ready!
  • Ability to set flag for each currency
  • Ability to show the visitors the approximate price in their currency on checkout (enable “Show approx. amount”)
  • 4 kinds of drop-downs to show currency switcher on the front + as flag images + Side switcher
  • WOOCS understand currency in the site link as:
  • Easy to use for administrators and shop customers – all options are on the one settings page
  • Support which will advise how to realize features you need.


v.2.2.6 (25-10-2018)
    - removed currency agregators which stopped to work
    - added back Google and Yahoo currency agregators
    - new feature: No GET data in link - Swithes currency without GET properties (?currency=USD) in the link


Demo: WooCommerce Currency Switcher

 Live Demo Preview


Note: You can Free Download WooCommerce Currency Switcher Nulled from the downloads list below. We share these files under the terms of GPL (GNU General Public License) that provides premium plugins for testing purpose only. So you should never use it for commercial purpose. We promote WordPress and scripts to the users globally that you can check it before buying plugin from the original developer.

If this item fulfill your requirements then buy it from the developer realmag777 for commercial use. ThemesRadar Website only contains download links from 3rd party sites by individual users which are freely available on all over the Internet on all over the Internet.


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